Growing up, PBS was likely the TV station I watched with the most consistency.  From Mr. Rogers, to Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, to that one show with the math detectives, I learned a lot from high-quality, educational television.  As an adult I often find my radio tuned to NPR to get what I feel is the most well-rounded, and least sensational news reporting.  I have also seen and heard many what I refer to as “give us money weeks.”  I have often ignored the sincere pleas of radio and television hosts to contribute to the programming they were providing.  I always thought someone should give — just not me!

Today, I gave.

Not in the conventional way, however. Instead of giving my money I gave time.

After being compelled by my friend Kate, I volunteered from 6-9 am this morning answering calls from people making donations.  It was a fun experience, a great chance to see some of the inner-workings of WPSU, and a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the fine folks that make public radio possible.

I hope I played a small part in keeping Big Bird on the air!


PS It’s not too late to contribute.  Call 1-877-420-9778 or online: http://www.wpsu.org/contribute

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