I was feeling especially motivated one Saturday evening after reading a story in Chicken Soup for the Soul.  It was about a man who decided to write a list of things to do before he died.  I was 16 and no one told me 16 year olds were supposed to be out with their friends on a Saturday night not planning out their lives — so I made a list.  “My To-Do in Life List”  (Yes, they are more commonly called “Bucket Lists” now, but this list pre-dated the movie, Bucket List.)

Now, 14 years later I’ve accomplished many items on this list, for example:

  • Visit 20 countries (completed 11/06/2006)
  • Bike ride to my Aunt Samia’s house (completed 08/16/2006)
  • Go surfing (07/10/04)
  • Drive to Mexico (06/01/06 — with Mark!)
  • Run a half marathon (04/28/12)
  • Complete a triathlon (07/25/04)
  • Fly a plane (completed Summer 1999)
  • Drive a steam roller (completed summer 2000)
  • Go wake boarding (completed, date unknown)
  • Sleep under the stars (completed, date unknown)
  • Read the Bible cover-to-cover (completed 12/06/06)
  • Go some place where I can order “the regular” (1/11/11 — Corner Room — thanks Sharon!)
  • Do 100 sit ups (08/19/06)
  • Do 20 chin ups (01/08/12)

I am not defined by this list, it is great to have a goal to work towards to keep me sharp physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally!  While I’ve made significant progress, I still have many remaining items on the list: run for mayor, run a marathon, have a speaking role in a movie, ride in a helicopter, write a book, throw an opening pitch at a Major League Baseball game and many more!

Since the creation of the list I have had “Do 100 push ups” on the list.  For 14 years I’ve had it as a goal; a fairly attainable goal at that!  But yet, as with many goals, it’s easy to say you want to do something — it’s hard to do it!  One hundred push ups: this is great for my physical well being, mental health, and social and emotional well being to have a goal to work towards.

And so today, after investigating the Hundred Push Up Challenge, I decided I would put my money where my mouth is and actually work towards this goal.

Less talk, more rock!

Experts have said we’re much more likely to complete our goals if we write them down and share them (yes, it’s killing me I can’t cite anything right now, but just trust me, some experts said it).  As a result, I not only decided to do this in my head, I told you about it through my blog, and I “took the challenge” on their website (scroll to the bottom to see my name):

Today I could do a respectable 50 push ups.

I’m going to follow the program and hopefully within the next few weeks I will be able to do 100 push ups!  Who’s with me?


What life goal do you want to tackle next?

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