I have been “learning the guitar” for the better part of a decade.  This means I pick it up, strum a few chords, and then put it down for another 6 months.  I have thought for many years that I would love to play the guitar to lead people in singing.  It has been my adventure in trying something new everyday that served as a catalyst to actually act on this desire.  That has been the great part of this “adventure” over the past year.  I have been much more motivated to try things that I for so long have laid dormant in the world of “I really ought to do that some time.”

While I fumbled on a bunch of chords and likely am a little ways away from releasing my first record on iTunes, it was a fun experience.  In the process of learning a few new songs I realized that I could play lots of songs.

For the musical time, I actually learned the song “Be Still” by the Fray — a great, hidden gem!  I am excited to try out a few new songs… that is once my finger tips stop hurting and develop some calluses!



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